Go Organic with Devang

As a nature lover, I feel the closest you get to nature is through what you eat. And in a city like Delhi, it is a task sometimes to find a place where gluttony can be healthy. But who knew that situated in Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri, I would find the perfect organic cafe to calm my soul and count my calories. Say hello! to Devang House.

Devang @ Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri

Set in a corner near the pool area, Devang manages to beautifully create a serene identity of its own. I personally love the authenticity it maintains through the music, wall art and the books focussed to calm the hustling minds we bring in.

On this post, we are sharing the review for Devang’s whole new menu which is thoughtful, healthier and so yum! Made from their own organic farm produce, every ingredient is fresh, vibrant and natural. Indeed what won me over was the use of Bamboo Straw for the  Vegan Cold Coffee  to keep it as eco-friendly as they can.

Left: Vegan Cold Coffee                                                                   Center: Agni Tea

The Agni Tea is one of it’s kind. With strong hints of ginger, the tea is perfect for a cold winter evening. Served in a kettle, its a good serving for more than two people.

The Spinach Almond Soup makes you feel warm and alive on the first sip; reminded me of the lovely winter evenings at home. Adding to my munch was the Ragi Chips with Hummus and Salsa, and trust me it was the best salsa I have had in days.

Left: Spinach Almond Soup                                       Right: Ragi Chips with Hummus and Salsa

The next pick on my plate were Salads and Sandwich. We tried the Kale Coconut Walnut Salad with Roasted Pumpkin and the Rocket Leaf Sundried Tomato Salad. I quite loved the Kale Coconut and Pumpkin combination. It had leaf, fruit and nuts, which I find the complete combination in a salad, plus its all organic!

Kale Coconut and Walnut Salad with Roasted Pumpkin

The Mustard and Mint Sandwich is a beautiful variant to the sandwich section. The freshness of mint with a strong flavour of their Honey and Grain Mustard levels up the idea of having a sandwich.

Mustard Mint Sandwhich

For Mains, I choose the Pesto Millet Vegetable Khichdi and the Vegan Cashew Cream Pizza with Grilled Veggies, both brilliantly done by Chef Priyam. As a pesto lover, and with the advantage of Devang making Organic Pesto in-house, I absolutely heart the Pesto Khichdi.

Pesto Millet Vegetable Khichdi

But the surprise comes in with the Vegan Pizza. The pizza sauce is replaced with cashew cream, which is such a delightful break from regular pizzas. Its healthy, gluten-free and delicious. Thank you Devang for making pizza guilt free!

Vegan Cashew Cream Pizza

A meal is never complete without some Mitha. And when there is platter of assorted halwa, it’s time to bring in all your spoon’s and dig all of it!  The variant of organic pumpkin and bottle gourd made halwa go healthy. It was perfectly balanced with coconut sugar and desi ghee.

Assorted Halwa and Kiwi Chia Pudding

Also a super cool addition to our dessert option was the Seasonal Fruit Chia Pudding. I had the Kiwi Chia Pudding which is again a vegan option as it uses coconut milk as its base, topped with the fruit puree.

From minimal decor to a homely menu, Devang is a place you would want to visit again. It is more than just a cafe in this big city. It tries to reach your soul with its food, events and gourmet products. It has a hand-picked and curated menu for its weekly Sunday Brunch and Events like Yoga sessions,Sufi Nights and Cooking Classes are organised on a regular basis.

Must Try: Ragi Chips with Hummus and Salsa, Cashew Cream and Vegetable Pizza, Assorted Halwa and Agni Tea.

Give it a shot: Kale Coconut and Walnut Salad, Pesto Millet Khichdi and Spinach Almond Soup.

Burn: 1500 for two. 

Location: 50 B, Diplomatic Enclave,
Amatrra, The Ashok Hotel
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, India
+91 95996 81082

Picture Credits for the post: Prime Mene






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