Summer Coolers for Hot Days

Roaring hot summer days make way for the most soothing drinks. The heat is still lingering and we are totally kicking it back with some yummy refreshing coolers. You can make it virgin or pop it up with some alcohol, but you surely don’t need an umbrella to save yourself from the summer heat.

In fact, we made sure we use some season’s fresh produce to make this in tune with the bright sun striking outside. Take them to work or stir them for your guests, these coolers are great replacements for all those fizzy soda’s popped out of the cans. Less sugar, More fruit and some beautiful glassware, you will be making the most fancy coolers to woo everybody at your party!

We chose three different coolers to compile a versatile list for you all. It’s got mangoes, melons, mint, basil, chocolate and lots of ice! All of them can be made at home easily in least time, with ingredients available widely everywhere. So, now go on, check out the recipes for your next sunday brunch!

  1. Mango Basil Spritzer
    For 3-4 servings
    a. 4 mangoes
    b. 10-12 basil leaves
    c. 1 bottle of carbonated water
    d. Ice optional
    Put the mangoes and basil in the blender. Add carbonated water and about a cup of ice. More ice will make the drink thicker once it’s blended.
    Blend all the ingredients together and serve with small diced mangoes and basil leaves.


  2. Cucumber Mint Virgin Mojito
    For 5-6 servings
    a. 1 cucumber
    b. A bunch of Mint Leaves
    c. 1 cup Lemonade diluted with sugar
    d. 1 bottle Soda or lemon soda as per choice
    e. Sliced lemon wedges and peeled cucumber strips for infusion.
    Blend 1 cucumber and 10-12 mint leaves separately. In a mixing bowl, throw in some ice cubes, mint leaves, lemon wedges, lemonade, blended cucumber and mint. Add a bottle of Club Soda and chill for 2-3 hours before serving. Add sugar syrup if required as per taste.
    For serving, garnish with lemon wedges and fresh mint leaves.


  3. Eye Me Green Milkshake
    For 2 servings
    a. 1 and 1/2 scoop dark chocolate ice cream,
    b. 1/2 cup cookie mint ice cream
    c. 1/2 cup milk
    d. 4-5 portions of After Eight Chocolates
    e. Ice cubes – optional
    Combine ice cream, after eight chocolate and milk in a blender or a food processor fitted with a blade attachment. Add ice cubes and pulse 4-5 times until smooth.
    Pour into a chilled mug or pint glass and serve with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and crushed chocolate nibs.


As much as I love cooking, I also have started enjoying styling all the things I make.
Maybe, my journey to becoming a self learned Food Stylist is getting more interesting everyday.
By the way, I wrote the above article for a Food Magazine based out of Bombay called “FoodKraft”. I am so happy to announce that I am a features’ writer now with them on Food Topics. 😀
It’s been a progressive yet joyful journey as a blogger, though I am continuously trying hard to keep writing more often.
But, hey! Don’t you forget to comment below with your experiences and feedback on the recipes above.

Till my next post,
Pour me some wine please!

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