Hey There! Welcome to my blog, From My Plate.

13557680_10154792485691729_1152970954558447881_n I’m Chandni, the food gawker, writer and curator behind this little blog. I also manage to do some photography here and there for the blog, but majorly love finding awesome places to eat wherever i am.

A happy child inside and daydreamer by choice, i have found my peace in good food. I was born and raised in Calcutta, by a Marwari family obsessed with food since forever (now you know where it all started!). Fed by the most awesome cook in this world, my mom, i naturally inherited some of her cooking skills. An amateur cook though, I love experimenting with my cooking and develop random recipes.

On this blog, i will be sharing all my food explorations, travel finds and cooking stories. I will also be sharing of restaurant reviews with special recipes from awesome chefs, home cooks and recipe developers.

I am currently living in Delhi, India and travel often to various cities. I am right now in a corporate job, but planning to convert all of my time to this blog soon.

You can get in touch with me on  frommyplateblog@gmail.com for all your queries, feedback, collaborations or features.

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