Bombaykery, What ya bakin’?

Cupcakes! Tarts! Macaroons! Some Cheesecake and Mousse too! Whatever you want, Bombaykery has it all. And so delectable. I fell in love with them the first time i tried their Nutella Sea Salt Cookies at the Delhi Palate Fest 2015. It was all they were left with that evening, completely sold out on everything else….

Mango Cream Parfait with Mango Puree and Baked Crumble

Summers are quite synonymous with Mangoes. With the heat to trouble, there are always the yummy mangoes to delight.  Ever since my childhood, my family looks forward to this season or rather they look forward to eating all varieties of mangoes. But for me, summers equal to cold desserts. Ice creams, Trifles, Mousse, Popsicles, Parfaits,…